Regional Director: Jim Meek

​Ferrari Club of America

2017 Regional Calendar

 3/10- 3/12-   Amelia Island Getaway Weekend. 

Join us as the Southeast Region ventures to see the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance and the events surrounding this weekend.  Hotel and room block information will be released as it becomes available.

 3/13 & 3/14- VIR Track Days 

Come join us for 2 days of fun on-track and off at one of the Southeast’s premiere tracks. We have the Full course both days and ride along instructors will be provided.  This event is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Details to follow.

4/4- 4/9- International Meet in Daytona Beach, FL

Come join us at the Daytona International Speedway for this year’s meet.  For those that would like to drive on the speedway there will be run groups and instructors available.  We will also have touring laps for those that would like to experience the banks in a lead follow configuration.  As always we will have our Concours for those that would like to have their car judged or just for those that would like to see the incredible gathering of Ferraris.  For more details go to

6/22- 6/25-  SER Mountain Getaway Weekend

Come join us for our largest event of the year in the Southeast.  It is a great way to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones.  It’s an event packed weekend with fabulous lunches and dinners, rallies on some of the best roads anywhere, and a special stop or two.  Details are coming soon.


1/8               Tennessee                  Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

1/15             Mississippi                  Caffeine & Ferraris

1/15             North Carolina            New Year’s Drive


2/4               Tennessee                Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

2/18             Alabama                    Cars & Coffee/  Enzo Birthday Lunch

2/18             Georgia                      Enzo Birthday Dinner

2/18             Mississippi                  Enzo Birthday Dinner

2/18             North Carolina            Enzo Birthday Dinner

​2/18             South Carolina           Enzo Birthday Dinner

2/18             Tennessee                  Enzo Birthday Dinner


3/4               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

3/11             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

3/11              Mississippi                Caffeine & Ferraris

3/13- 3/14    SER Event                VIR Track Days

3/11- 3/13    South Carolina           Amelia Island Getaway

3/18             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

3/18             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Greensboro


4/1               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

4/4- 4/9        National Meet            Daytona Beach, FL

4/8               Alabama                    Barber's Vintage Race  

4/8               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

4/8               North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Winston Salem

4/8               Mississippi                 Caffeine & Ferraris

4/15             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Greensboro

4/15             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

4/23- 4/24    Georgia                     Coppa Rossa Getaway Weekend 


5/6               North Carolina           Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance Ferraris on the field

​5/6               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

5/12- 5/13    Mississippi                 Oxford Getaway Weekend                

5/13             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee winston- Salem

5/20             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Greensboro 

5/20             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

5/25             South Carolina           Coach I Memorial      


6/3               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

6/10             Mississippi                 Caffeine & Ferraris

6/10             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee winston- Salem

6/17             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Greensboro

6/17             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN


7/1               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

7/8               Mississippi                 Caffeine & Ferraris

7/8               North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Winston- Salem

7/15             Alabama                    Driving Tour & Lunch

7/15             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Greensboro

7/15             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN


8/5               Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

8/12             Mississippi                 Caffeine & Ferraris

8/12             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Winston- Salem

8/19             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

8/19             North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Greensboro


9/2               Tennessee                  Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

9/9               Mississippi                  Caffeine & Feraris

9/9               North Carolina            Cars & Coffee Winston- Salem

9/10             Mississippi                  Cars & Coffee

9/16             Tennessee                  Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN


10/7- 10/8    Alabama                    Track Event

10/7             South Carolina           Euro-Fest  

10/7             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

10/13-10/15 Tennessee                 Citta Scenico Chattanooga, TN

10/14           North Carolina            Cars & Coffee Winston- Salem

​10/21           North Carolina            Cars & Coffee Greensboro

10/21           Tennessee                  Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

10/22           South Carolina            Euro-Fest

10/22           Mississippi                  USGP Viewing Party



11/4- 11/5    South Carolina          Hilton Head Island Concours d'Elegance

11/4             Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN

11/11           North Carolina           Cars & Coffee Winston- Salem

11/11           Mississippi                 Caffeine & Ferraris

11/18           Tennessee                 Cars & Coffee Franklin, TN